First truely decentralized BSC-20 cryptocurrency community token

$hiba Army Will Bite 3 Zeros in First Phase - 4% Instant Usage Rewards (DEFI Wallets Only) - 5% Burn Each Transaction - And A Strongly Growing Community!

$hiba Army Mission

$hiba Army is on a mission to create world’s first decentralized community deflationary token with an automated liquidity feature, Staking options, NFT’s & instant Rewards.

$hiba Army token was created to form a reliable price asset within a volatile market. Our team strategically designed and smartly implemented smart mathematics to rebase our core feature implemented in the contract.

$hiba Army token is a Binance Smart Chain ‘BSC-20’ based smart token with unique rebasing mechanism.

Contract Address - 0x3B82fCC8948959b60b672A5795c63b0D23b9806B

Roadmap To Our Work

First Phase

Remove 3 Zeros
Website Launch
CoinGecko Listing
Community Marketing Fund
Marketing Campaign
CoinMarketCap Listing


Second Phase

Remove 3 More Zeros
50000+ Telegram Members
50000+ Holders
$Shiba Crate (NFT Marketplace)
Global Liquidity Options


Third Phase

CEX Listing
1000000+ Holders
Btok Promotion
Big CEX Listings


How To Buy $hiba Army

$hiba Army token can be best purchased and sold via pancake swap, but can also be purchased by visiting our website store.

Important Note – Please purchase tokens from only the sources mentioned on the website.

$hiba Army is a decentralized experiment and, as such, we always incentivize the use of DEXs. If you choose to utilize a CEX instead, remember to research it first to ensure it is both safe and secure.

Token Symbol - $hiba Army

Total Supply - 1 Quadrillion

Contract Address: 0x3B82fCC8948959b60b672A5795c63b0D23b9806B

Core Features:

  • 4% Usage Rewards (DEFI Wallets Only)
  • 5% Burn Each Transaction

Create MetaMask wallet

Download the Metamask extension or get the app for Iphone & Android


Send $BNB to your MetaMask Wallet

You can buy Binance Coin (BSC) directly on MetaMask or either transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc.


Connect To Pancake Swap

Head over to Pancake Swap and link your MetaMask wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet".


Swap $BNB for $hiba Army

Go to the DApps tab at the bottom, find PancakeSwap V2, click “Select a Currency”, enter the contract address in the search bar, and you should be able to find $hiba Army token.

Contract address: 0x3B82fCC8948959b60b672A5795c63b0D23b9806B

Before the Swap, click the gear and set the slippage to 10-12%, set the amount you want to buy and click the “Swap” button.

If you are operating on the PC, please enter the PancakeSwapV2 official website and click “Connect Wallet” at the top right of the website. Lastly, HODL! Rewards Are On The Way!

$hiba Crate (NFT MarketPlace)

Coming Soon

$hiba Army marketplace is indeed the next evolution in NFTs with several innovative additional tools.

$hiba Army is a sustainable long-term community token project with a clear roadmap showcasing the time frame of work completion e.g. token listing, user rewards, burning tokens, and future NFT marketplace creation.

Just by supporting us., holding $hiba Army token in your wallet, you are constantly getting 4% from all transactions. Moreover, 51% of the total supply was already burned to make the token completely credible and secure for investors

$hiba Army will launch its token blockchain when 95% of tokens are burnt.


If you'd like to donate to the Devs, send BNB, here. Thank you for your support! WOOF!